Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Gadget of Doom

I suspect the Macbook is going to have a similar effect on me that the new phone did. ie demonstrating that Windows Mobile really hadn't come as far as I'd thought. The problem here is that my Windows PC is becoming increasingly unstable and wobbly so there may be elements of Transference. Anyway, I'll save this for the techblog - but if you see elements of fanboyism please eviscerate me and remind me of things I've said about those types in the past.

I'm so very weak!


Olivia said...

Saw a demo of the iPhone, isn't it amazing?

Don't you come round my blog nomore? :( *sniff*

MattJ said...

Yeah, I'm not much of a fan of the iPhone to be honest - Nick is buying one but it lacks too much for my tastes - also the total cost of ownership is simply too great! I think Apple really missed an opportunity by tying it to exclusive providers! I still visit 'Liv! I just haven't posted (anywhere!) recently because I've been a bit frantic at work - I thought you'd disowned me cos of the Mac love! lol! Hoping it will arrive this week - me and Nick have Mics on order so provided all goes well we could have a podcast by the close of the weekend ;)

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