Thursday, October 04, 2007


Hi! It's me again! Just thought I would write about the awesomeness of Podcasts. The new phone is quite cool in this regard, it will subscribe to podcasts and I can download them right to the device. I still haven't found a way of automating it but give me time. Anyway, so I've been looking for half decent podcasts to listen to, some recommended to me by Nick and one or two I found myself. So far, however, there are only two that held my interest.

Firstly - Russell Howard on 6 Music podcast - very funny show without all the boring musicky bits! :D Clicky to Download

The second is This Week in Tech or TWiT. Obviously a geekfest but also very funny, especially John Dvorak. Clicky to download. Incidentally Dvorak has quite a good ranty blog here.

Anyway, any podcasty recommendations send them my way, I made the mistake of downloading Moyles from the BBC who I am pretty sure I used to like - though I can't think why anymore! Anyway, point being I wouldn't bother with that one ;)


David Morris said...

Here is the list of podcasts that I listen to/watch:

Daily Source Code
Buzz Out Loud
Cranky Geeks
Geek Entertainment TV
Goodnight Burbank
Pod Save The Queen
Port City PD
Scoble Show
Security Now
The Combat Zone
The Dawn And Drew Show
The President's Weekly Radio Address
The Ultimate Podcast
This Week In Tech
Martial Arts Explorer
The Jazz Show
Video Journalist Ruud Elmendoorp
Windows Weekly

I'd be happy to tell you more about any of them.

MattJ said...

Ta Dave, there is only so much tech news I want lol! I'll stick with TWiT and Engadget RSS for my techy needs!

The Jazz Show sounds very muche not my cup of tea. I suspect I would ratehr acid wash my own eyes before listening to it!

I'll look some of the rest up though, ta for the list!

David Morris said...

Not all of that is tech. For example, 'The President's Weekly Radio Address' is a spoof of the comic figure that is George W. Bush. 'Port City PD' is a cop show. Goodnight Burbank might also be of interest to you because it's a satirical look at news programmes.

Hanrah said...

Ok, it's not a podcast - but here's a little present for you. I think you'll enjoy it!

MattJ said...

hehe. Big Badger.

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