Monday, September 24, 2007

Phonetastic Gibberish

Hehe, gibberish is a great word.

Anyway, over on my Techno-Whine you may have seen that I've decided to get a Nokia N95 instead of any of the other phones I've been blathering about. There is some vague attempt at a logical argument as to why I should be getting this phone. I cite both financial and technical reasons for the choice, and some people may be fooled by it. The logic does make some sense, and if you don't know me you would give me the benefit of the doubt.

Unfortunately, most of the people who read my blog do know me. What they know most is this : I'm jonesing for a new gadget, this one is new and shiny and it does almost all of the things I want it to do without being Apple or Sony.

I think the techno-blog is making me schizophrenic:

Techno-Whine Matt: Ah yes, the natural logical conclusion is for me to get the N95, for you see blahblahblah [insert tenuous logic and misdirection]

RantAMatt: So it's not just because the HTC isn't out and you want to replace your perfectly serviceable phone for something newer?

TWM: Errr....No! 'Cos I could have switched to T-Mobile, they have it available from next week!

RAM: Yeah, but that would end up costing you about 450 quid more over the course of the year - what with the discount you've been promised from Orange? I mean, you're a gadget freak and everything but you're not a blind, lobotomised monkey with no hands - you have some small amount of normal person's reasoning abilities.

TWM: Ummmmm..... The only reason I didn't think of the N95 before is because I didn't realise you could export contacts from Outlook and then...

RAM: You do know that I'm you right?

TWM: Errr...

RAM: You're not right in the head, I should never have given you your own writing space.

TWM: I'll be good....

Ah well, at least I have someone to talk to.


Olivia said...

What, no Sony Ericsson? Not talking to you anymore! *sulk*

Just kidding. Guess where I am???

MattJ said...

Lol! Sorry no, I didn't succumb to evil Sony! I got my N95 yesterday and so far I am very impressed with the phone and the software it comes with!

I believe you are in Toronto? Or you down to NY now? I trust you have identified places for me to visit when I go? :p

MattJ said...

Oh, I didn't manage to avoid buying yet more memory though - it takes Micro SD.

So now I have a 1GB SD card, a 1GB Mini SD card, a 1GB XD card, a 2GB flash drive and now on order a 4GB micro SD card.

I wish thye'd stop making the same memory in different shapes lol!

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