Monday, September 03, 2007

More of Matt's Amazing Planning

So I'm switching mobile provider to T-Mobile - this is for many reasons I shan't go into to do with tariffs, reception, service blahblahblah..... one I will highlight though is this:

Another is that they have the best data useage charges - £7.50 with a 1GB fair useage policy. But anyway, this is besides the point - this is about my genius planning abilities and how I conspire to sabotage myself at every turn (not too hard, I'm not the sharpest knife in the draw).

The problem I have is that in my infinite wisdom I cancelled my Orange contract last month (gave my 30 days notice) wih the intention of ordering my T-Mobile phone and contract this week - thus facilitating a seemless transition. Yeah, I know.

So unsurprisingly my new phone has yet to be released and I have about 4 days left on my Orange contract before I am phoneless - this means that for the few of you that are subject to my random texts and missives I shall be disappearing from the mobile world for the imminently forseeable future.

Of course a normal person would have just waited until they were sure and dropped the contract when they switched over, but this approach wasn't nearly convoluted enough, and lacked the bizarre logic that is commonly associated with most of my actions - on the plus side there are a few souls who'll benefit from a brief respite from me ;)

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