Thursday, August 23, 2007

Writer's Ramble

Over the last couple of weeks I've drafted and scrapped about 7 different blog entries but lost the desire to put them up here about half way through writing them. Among the subjects: Chicken and its status as a 'superfood' in ready meals, the rubbishness of salmon, cous cous - semolina by any other name, Steve Jobs and fanboiyz, Mac temptation.... I forget the rest.

Anyway, I got half way through them and they either degenerated into something I didn't want to write or I just got bored. I actually wrote one about work just for the purposes of venting some frustrations but there was no need to post it as by the time I had bashed out words like 'retarded, sub literate baboon', 'goat-ee beard growing, power suit wearing waste of blood and organs who has trouble reading pop-up books' and various other choice phrases I had lost the will to bother worrying about it anymore. Also, who the hell cares about my day? lol!

So basically, in the absence of anything funny to say about Chickens in capes; Salmon in batter; tepid cous cous with a dollop of jam on served by a surly old woman in a pastel tabard; Steve Jobs' Messianic delusions or my apparent weakness to Mac's (not because they are any good but because they are pretty) - I haven't posted anything. I started writing this one in the hope that inspiration would strike, as it is it hasn't. Although I am very proud of the fact that I have been blogging for 2 years and the most lively debates I have managed to start are about creationism (a few different posts about that!) and the inexplicable popularity of the bourbon biscuit.

Actually not inexplicable, lots of people think that cats aren't Evil bundles of malice just awaiting their opportunity to overthrow humanity so that we all become slaves under their vicious dominion. So it's not entirely surprising that bourbon biscuits are not widely recognised as the crunchy brown sandwiches of Satan poo that they actually are.

Actually that didn't turn out so bad.


Olivia said...

Ah finally. Blogger was timing out earlier.

I see you are back to your old ranty self!

It was amazing how the comments piled up on your broken biscuit blog. All you have to do is blog about food and you're all set!

MattJ said...

hmm, I still can't get to jp's blog. It's not so much a rant as a ramble as I was struggling for subject matter but so long as I am ranting about biscuits and not whining about everything else it's all good lol!

Olivia said...


I just saw Mock the Week and one of 'em was talking about British moaning-powered light bulbs.

You could power up your house!

MattJ said...

ooops! meant Jo!

I am deeply offended by that comment - you are talking to the perpetual motion of moaning and you would put my special gift to use on light bulbs?!! No my friend - Hoverboards.

Olivia said...

I thought you meant Jo, but I also know a JP in real life, and wondered if you had been reading his blog!

OK, power whatever you like! Moan away!

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