Friday, August 24, 2007

Non-published Therapy

This is kind of an addendum to a previous post. I've found that simply typing out my more visceral thoughts without publishing them is having quite a cathartic effect whilst actually saving you from reading about precisely what I think should be done with reality TV and anyone involved in it (In this case).

This means I can focus what you actually get to see on here, the important business of biscuit worth, why hasn't God yet made the Squow and other amazing special reports,

Really I should write something about the irony of my use of the word 'Cathartic' to describe what I write, given its alternate meaning. I'm sure you guys could probably write that one yourselves though ;)


Hanrah said...

Yeah, I just did a similar thing. I wrote an article about "diaffected youth". It was along blink-182 philosophies! I don't think that would be fit for public consumption either! lol!

MattJ said...

Did yours also involve a locked house, endemol, matches and an accelerant?

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