Thursday, August 30, 2007

Michael Vick - Nothing like a bit of rhyming slang

I won't bang on too uch about this, it's been all over the US news for months. For those unaware (not sure there has ben much saturation outside the US) - here it is in brief:

Michael Vick is a very famous NFL player and also a very talented one. He's about to be convicted of running a 6 year dog fighting operation out of his home called Bad Newz Kennels. his operation included him being involved in the fights and executing fighting dogs, also running the gambling operation.

In 2004 he signed a 10 year $130 million dollar contract with the Falcons with a $37 million dollar sign on fee which made him the highest paid sports player on the planet. Last year he earned $8,401,980 and that was just from the Falcons and none of his many endorsements.

That means he did this for fun.

Here's how you treat dogs. Animals like Vick and his compadres on the other hand - how about they are submitted to the same fate as the creatures they tortured and killed for kicks? Seems fair to me, bu then I am not a very nice person.


Olivia said...

I know, when I see a dog tied up on a rope on a muddy patch outside in aaaalllll weathers, I think what a waste. What is the point of having a pet if it's going to be out there AND suffering? How can someone look at its condition and think it's okay?

Battersea Dogs Home shouldn't be the only place to interview potential owners. Just as some states have a 10 day waiting period for gun purchases while they run a criminal record check, so should pet stores/dog breeders for customers!!!

call me authoritarian, but c'est ca.

MattJ said...

hey! I was just over commenting on your blog lol!

I'm with Pete's comments over on facebook - if Vick gets back in the NFL that kind of does it for that sport for me. It's not as big a deal for me, I've only recently gotten into it but Pedr is a lifelong fan - but if the governing body allows Vick any part in the game after this then they should be shunned. These guys are role models for children and the NFl needs to make it clear that such behaviour is unacceptable and offer a life ban - it'll be interesting to see what happens in 3-4 years.

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