Thursday, June 07, 2007

Shameless Plug...

Richard Herring's one-off comedy drama 'You Can Choose Your Friends' is on tonight and I think you should both watch it (I may be exaggerating my readership there...). I have no idea if it'll be awesome or not, what I do know is that Richard Herring is an incredibly funny and talented comedian who is long overdue being back on the telly-box. To be honest, Richard Herring could just stand there doing nothing on screen for an hour and half and it would be better than most things on ITV.

I'd like to say I am a massive fan of his, and it is strictly speaking true though I am reluctant to do so in case comedy is like football where you get accused of not being a real fan because you haven't stalked the object of your fandom throughout your entire life. I do have all of his DVDs that are currently on release and read his blog daily, but I only sort of 'rediscovered' him at the end of last year when I was watching some episodes of Fist of Fun and This Morning with Richard Not Judy on my PC. I'd heard him on the radio quite a bit, and found myself google stalking him, which is always good fun.

Anyway I marked the resumption of my 'acknowledging London exists' initiative and also a reunion with an old house mate (who is, despite his protestations to the contrary, a Rich herring stunt double) by going to the current Menage a Un stand up tour at the Arts Theatre.

Basically, I'm very pleased that one of the country's best comic talents is finally regaining recognition in his own right, a difficult thing to accomplish when you have historically and inevitably been compared to an equally talented stand-up who used to be your double-act partner. Maybe, one day in the future, scientists will create a critic who isn't a lazy waste of blood and organs, who'll actually notice that if you are part of a double act for the best part of 15 years not only is there a possibility that some small elements of you material may reflect some of your erstwhile partner's but some of his will reflect yours. maybe they'll even notice that despite this, it is delivered in completely different styles making comparisons stupid. I think it's very difficult for the barely simian hacks that write reviews to break away from the Gary Barlow view of life - there must be a Good one and a Bad one - for 2 elements of an act to be successful and talented is a concept their tiny conceited little hardwired brains can't cope with.

Awesome, there wasn't meant to be a rant here but my brain has cleverly sneaked one in, I'm so proud. I am going to stop now as I am writing this in Firefox for the first time in ages and it keeps trying to tell me to change my spellings to the incorrect and silly American ones. It also insists that my made up words aren't real. Stupid thing.

Watch the thing later, if you don't like it go then watch his show, if you still don't like him then clearly you are wrong. There is no other explanation so don't look for one.


Olivia said...

I wanted to see it, but I can't as I have a fancy dinner to go to, but I don't feel like putting on heels, being on my best behaviour, making small talk with naff people. But if I don't go I will have lost £80 so off I go.

MattJ said...

Luckily for me I am friendless and alone!

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