Friday, June 15, 2007

Rock,Paper, Scissors revisited

As we discussed a few weeks ago, new awesomeness in the field of Rock, Paper, Scissors adding new dimensions to the game has been discovered:

However, for those losers among you that pine for the classic old skool version but find the very idea of performing the physical actions required for this high tension, extreme competion vomit inducing, fear not as a solution has been created for you! That's right, no more RSI, no more pesky decision making, no more psych-out strategies ruining your fun! Not with the all new electronic Rock, Paper, Scissors!.


Pedr said...
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Pedr said...

I was somewhat disappointed by that link Matthew. I thought I was going to play an interactive rock, paper, scissors game vs the PC. I'm not paying for the privilege - I've got two hands! :) (I get a lot of draws)

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