Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!

That's right Tony Blair is gone! He's finally stopped talking about it and slung his hook! After weeks of travelling around the world shaking hands with people who don't hate him (hence not travelling around Britain) he is handing in his resignation as a Prime Minister. This is a good career move for Tony, instead of implementing American foreign policy in the middle east whilst ignoring domestic issues, he can just concentrate on doing what he is told by the Whitehouse.

This will be a great weight from his shoulders!

In all seriousness, I despise the man so much because I voted for hime twice - once because I believed in much of what he stood for and the second time because he was the lesser of two evils. In my opinion Tony Blair is the biggest cause for political apathy this country has ever had. He gave so many new hope. After years of Tory mismanagement of public services, illegal arms trades, funding genocidal maniacs and accounting that would make ENRON blush people were genuinely excited at the opportunity to welcome a new premier. Instead he discarded his principles and let us all down. Who can be arsed to vote when you have it thrown back in your face like that?

I know it sounds like I am saying everything he did was crap but I do know that he's done some really good things, but unfortunately that doesn't cut it when put in the balance. He is responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people in East Timor and other countries across the world after reneging on a pre-election commitment not to sell Harriers, Saracens and Saladins to ropey regimes (a cushy deal instituted by the Tories). He's failed to keep Britain's commitments to the Tsunami fund. I could go on, but basically there is too much easily avoided death and failure on his hands for me to praise the good he has done. Sadly, everything that the Tories of the late 80s and early 90s were guilty of, he continued. As time went on he lost his backbone, he traded reform for celebrity and a retirement fund.

I can't bring myself not to vote, so I've been voting liberal democrat. They believe in proportional representaion as their key tennet, and taxing the well off more than poor people. This is awesome to me, the only way we will see real change is if there is a hung parliament and the Lib Dems are invited to form a coalition - the only way they would agree to that is if their partners agreed to electoral reform (you know, so we have a democracy instead of the farce we currently have). Well, that was the case until Menezies Campbell took over the Lib Dems and stated that any coalition would no longer hinge on that one policy of proportional representation. Thanks Menezies - who do I vote for now?

OK, that's my politics for the month - sorry had to be done! ;)


lunaliar said...

Funny, but it sounds almost exactly like what we're going through on this side of the Atlantic. The foaming conservative base of Pres. Bush's electorate is so disinfranchised by Bush's stance on immigration, but his religious base loves his "culture of life" boilerplate message. He's both reviled and revered, but liberal Democrats are at odds over progress in Iraq, and many conservatives are walking away from his shadow, too.

You're right about the coalition, but that'll never happen. Too many small arguments are won by name calling and party lines, conservatives making "liberal" a four-letter word and Democrats bargaining like they've got the proverbial pig in the poke, but nothing is certain in politics.

So, where you've got Tony Blair on the way out, I'll raise you a Dick Cheney and Alberto Gonzalez.

MattJ said...

I think the comparison is slightly different Jo, but I do get where you are coming from. The Labour Party was founded on Socialist values but is occupying virtually the same territory as traditional tories on many issues, so much so that we are in a similar position to how you guys were at one point -what the hell is the difference between the two major players?

The one good thing about our current system and party set up is that if there is a general election, and there is a hung parliament then either labour or conservatives will HAVE to approach the Lib Dem Party to form a coalition as it's the only way either side could get a clear majority. Given that this HAS to happen, for teh Lib Dems to give up their one core value is madness - they could DEMAND electoral reform.

I mean there are various other subtleties but that's the basics. It's different to you guys as that would never ever happen because you operate a two party system, we sort of have 2 and a half at the moment but the system is ridiculous - the Liberal Democrat Party account for approximately a quarter of the voting population and yet have less than 10% of the available seast in parliament.

There is less liberal name calling over here, unless we are talking about immigration which, as always, is the acceptable form of bigotry and racism. In fact the conservatives are trying to hide all their imperialists while David Cameron tries to pretend to be fluffy and left wing. It would be funny if people weren't buying it.

MattJ said...

I've lost track of US news int eh las month, is Alberto 'I have no recollection of that sir' Gonzales gone then? And Cheney is on his way out?!

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