Friday, June 08, 2007

Die Endemol, Die

Big Brother post, but don't worry I have successfully avoided it on the TV again by cunningly not watching TV. Except for the excellent You Can Choose Your Friends last night. Relievingly good especially as I bigged up Mr Rich yesterday.

Anyway I've been reading on the beeb how one of the vacuous pieces of human waste they get on these shows didn't think that the 'N' word was in anyway racially offensive. And people think I am being harsh when I suggest anyone on, or applying to be on Big Brother should be culled for the sake of the gene pool.

Anyway this is my favourite part of the article, some quote from media watch:

"This will certainly undermine the programme and more importantly, cause resentment. It's very unhelpful."

Yeah, Big Brother is so highbrow and well regarded as a quality piece of inspirational programming that anything like this will do its credibility serious harm.

Sir Joseph Bazalgette was responsible for the design and construction of the London Sewage system, essentially pumping all the shit out of our homes in 1865. 140 years later his great-great grandson Peter Bazalgette (CCO of Endemol) is responsible for pumping it back in again*.

*Pretty sure I nicked this, looks like a Stephen Fry one to me ;)


Hanrah said...

Matt - you really need to watch things before you judge.
Ok, so she's IS a vacuous waste of DNA, but she was using the word in an "I wanna be a gansta" way after one of the other housemates (who is black) had used it in the same sort of context.

Sorry mate, but you're pulling a Mary Whitehouse "judge without seeing" here!

MattJ said...

Oh I don't really care about the specific incident to be honest, it was the quote from Media Watch I found particularly amusing. You are right about me judging without seeing, and in the context of that woman using that word I have no doubt you are right, but I also really don't care. I hate Big Brother and everything it represents and will continue to avoid it whilst slagging it off with aplomb, because it is crap in every conceivable way - no matter what other inaccuracies I come up with, that immutable fact will never change.

So there. :p

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