Monday, June 04, 2007

Chicken Under Pressure...

I bought a big pressure cooker a few months ago. It's specific purpose, I'm sure you'll all remember, was for chili cooking. I wasn't interested in the pressure part of it at all, I just needed a large metal container to put vast quantities of meat, tomatoes and chilis in.

However, cooking chili in this kind of weather is silly, only an idiot would do that. So today I am cooking a nice hot chicken curry. Chicken you see? Much lighter than beef - a summer meal I'm sure you'll agree.

Anyway, I am making it in my chili pot (blasphemy!) only I've decided to see what the pressurey bit does and have dusted off the lid to my bucket-esque chili pot. I have taken photos of various stages of the cooking process, in case it explodes and I am found peppered with shrapnel and half cooked bits of curryfied chicken. Also I was a bit bored and my camera was just sort of sitting there, so... anyway I'll post them if there is any demand but they are incredibly dull so I doubt there will be. If there are any serious injuries sustained, I'll be sure and photo and post them for you though.

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Olivia said...

oh yes, do post your chicken curry-making process - i your only regularly commenting reader demand it. however, if any lurkers care to cast their vote, it will be more worth your while.

Do you have lurkers?

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