Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Yay though I walk throught the valley of Death....

So I'm 30 on Sunday and apparently this is a big deal. I hadn't really planned to do anything other than buy some cardigans and prepare for the icey Hand of Death to land on my shoulder. My logic was thus: 'Things are a bit busy right now and besides, I'll be 30, surely it's a big enough number for me to justify having a 12 month celebration?'. The idea was basically to do a bunch of stuff I've been meaning to do but never really got round to - see more shows, especially comedy gigs, go see some different places. Nothing out of the ordinary - just pulling my finger out.

Then 2 things occurred to me. Firstly I am no longer as busy as I was and secondly it will be less effort to go out and do something than it would to not go out and explain to people the logic behind not going out. So. I'm going out.

So far the plan is food and frol in Guildford on Saturday night but I am open to suggestions - it's just I have a few friends I haven't seen in an age down Guildford way. Obviously after midnight I'll be explaining to everyone how 'I remember when all this was just fields' (as opposed to the Iraqi 'I remember when all this was just buildings').

The age is clearly getting to me as I don't think I have posted before work before so I am clearly developing the knack of getting up at 4:30am to build a non-existant fire and start boiling the evening meal's vegetables.

It's been a while since I had a proper night out around here, so Saturday is as good a day as any, feel free to join me - just follow the smell of piss and talc.

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