Sunday, May 13, 2007

Sunday Excuses

It's very dull and miserable outside today, and despite what you may think - this is a good thing. It's good for a variety of reasons but mainly my Sunday Excuses.

If it was sunny and pleasant outside I would spend the day doing exactly what I am doing, only feeling guilty about it because I should be outside hiking or something. Rich Lowe, who visited on Friday, hasn't helped matters by buying me a book caled '132 seize the days', it's full of things to do at weekends and Bank Holidays. Lonely Planet is entirely staffed by those really annoying people, you know the ones - where every single item they own was given to them by some villager, or goat herd or vegetarian cannibal in the jungles of Peru.

I'm joking of course, there are a couple of good things in it that I might give ago and it was a thoughtful present. I'm right about the Lonely Planet people though.

So anyway, normally I would feel guilty about staying in and doing not much, which is where the second layer of facade comes in. 'I'm working on my website'. Roughly translated this is 'I have my editor open, and I'm buggering about with margins whilst not achieving anything'.

I have a new reason today, Emi is working hard to complete her dissertation so I am nominally staying in 'working on my website' in moral support. The differnce is that she awesome, good at what she is doing and general aceness on toast. I on the other hand, will maybe draw a few stick men.

Hmmm, the sun is trying to come out. devious sod.


Olivia said...

Hehe, I am having an equally pointless weekend, not having called anyone to arrange a visit. Just home doing laundry...

Anonymous said...

I bought two laptops, two wireless routers, a 250gig networked harddrive and setup both of the resulting networks. I also repaired two PCs with crashed hard drives.

I may also have done a few other non-PC related things, like eat, but they are obviously unimportant. ;-)

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