Friday, May 25, 2007

Baby Ducking Stool

A response from Jo just reminded me I haven't posted since last week. So how did the baby dunking go? Bloody confusing that's how!

It was my Uncle's new baby Megan, born 3 months premature but now fattening up nicely thankyou very much. She seemed to behave herself and barely gurgled throughout the proceedings. The ceremony itself was quite dull and disappointing, not having attended one of these things before I was hoping that as it is something of a happy afair their maybe some fun in the ceremony. There wasn't - the priest just banged on about God (someone we have disproven on this very blog!) and applied various product to the baby.

Now if it was me, there would be a little see-saw kind of system to put the baby on, the Vicar's job would be simply to count down '3-2-1!...' then the congregation shout 'DUNK THE BABY!' and cheer as the child is briefly drenched. Much more enjoyable I am sure you'll all agree.

Anyway, I digress. Confusing. My Uncle's daughter. Only apparently he isn't my Uncle but my cousin because although my aunt is his mother, he was adopted by my Nain and Taid and brought up as my Mum's brother. Thus unofficially making him my Uncle, actually my cousin and therefore Megan-Ann is my 2nd cousin and not my first cousin as would be the case if my Uncle was actually my Uncle and not my cousin.

or something. Good weekend though, caught up with a lot of people and drank inadvisable amounts of booze and watched some very bad Rat based horror movie. Ooooh it was good.

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lunaliar said...

rat-based horror movie? Discuss.

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