Sunday, March 11, 2007

Terry's Chocolate Orange

It's crap.

Thosw of you of a foreign, barbaric persuasion may not be aware of this confection. It's a Milk Chocolate oragnge chocolate that comes in the shape of an orange. You give it a whack and unwrap it and it is all in Orange-esque segments.

I remember seeing ads as a child thinking that this must be extra special stuff!

I went to Budgens the other day and saw that it was on special offer if you bought 2, and they also had a dark chocolate variety. I don't buy a lot of chocolate but as i stood there it occurred to me that I had never actually bought one of these things - I have a vague recollection of trying a bit of one. Anyway, i bought one of each and stuck em in the fridge.

I tried 'em today and to be fair to Terry's - the advertising is superb cos the chocolate, while nowhere near Hershey's bad, is certainly worse than Nestle.

Anyway, short post - Terry's chocolate orange is poo.


Olivia said...

Short comment: I agree.

Paddy said...

I quite like it. It's like you're eating a cricket ball made of chocolate segments.

Olivia said...

If anything could taste worse, it would be a cricket ball.

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