Monday, March 05, 2007

More notes on Guitar Hero.....

It occurred to us that if you got Guitar Hero 2 with 2 guitar controllers - that allows one player to be guitar and the other to play bass. You then integrate that with Sing Star and Donkey Konga. Finally, add Dance Dance Revolution to the mix. You now have a band, complete with lead singer, backing vocals and even your own dance troupe!

You get all these games working together on XBox Live and you can have Battle of The Bands! mwahaahahahahah!

Of course there is an argument put forward by pedants and the socially adept that you could just learn instruments and form a real band. I do not let your petty "facts" ruin my logic!


Kudos to Julie - check out her Rocking-ness!

After months of playing, she's truly made it. Don't forget us little people Julie!

1 comment:

Julie_Gong said...

I truly am the ultimate. Even though Woman is one of the only songs I do play.

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