Monday, March 05, 2007

Hannah, Guitar Hero and the Beginning of The End

So I went to visit my friend Hannah over the weekend. She is one of my best friends from Uni (I'm not 30 yet so am still allowed to use the term 'best friend'). I rarely get to go to Hull these days for reasons already discussed which means I haven's seen Emi or Astrid since about October, which is lame beyond belief.

So I got to Leamington Spa about 8-ish and we had to drop some stuff off, and Hannah needed to open her Christmas presents - she got an R/C pirate ship which made her very happy. I got Stopit and Tidyup on DVD along with the book of General Ignorance and a tom Holt book, which made me very happy. Hannah insisted on being called Captain though decided against the eye patch for the trip to the pub.

We then went to a great pub called Robin's well where we drank lots, mainly of Vodka Mules. It was great fun catching up and taking the piss out of each other and those around us until Hannah's constitution gave out and we needed to leave. We picked up Pizza from a fantastic pizzeria and stumbled homeward.

The next morning I got up and watched some DVDs, infuriating Hannah by deciphering her house mate's Remote control configuration - a task that has eluded all but the house mate concerned. What can I say? Some people are great artists or doctors, I am good with gadgetry.

I watched some Mighty Boosh,, which I love. Later in the day, the football was on. I' however, was otherwise occupied. I had a quick go on Guitar Hero II earlier that morning and decided I was going to borrow Nick's PS2 and get me the game. then learned that it was coming out for the XBox 360, only with a cooler looking guitar, more songs and the guitar would be wireless.

While the footy was on I went about ordering the 360 version using my mobile phone on the Play website. I am now waiting for the game to arrive and my social life to end. it's horrendously addictive, as described by Julie

PS2 version

360 version.

More later.


Julie_Gong said...


MattJ said...

You should get a 360,then we can have an online Matt Vs Julie "Rock-off" on XBox Live! :p

This is my most ambitious 'Tecno-Sheeping' project yet. However, having successfully Techno-sheeped 4 people into Nintendo DS purchase, I feel it's time for a new challenge ;)

Olivia said...

So, after you turn 30, will your best friends be downgraded to friends?

This seems to me a faulty logic, Matt.

MattJ said...

This is afine point well-made. It didn't used to be a problem because I always assumed I would have achieved world domination by now, or at the very least a lair inside a hollowed ou volcano and as such my 'best friends' would become 'trusted lietenants' and various other honorary positions.

Maybe I could have an inner circle?

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