Friday, March 09, 2007

The Front Bottom Monolgues???!

Some school girls in New York got suspended from school for using the 'v' word during a recitation from the Vagina Monologues. Let me just say that again. Some school girls in New York got suspended from school for using the 'v' word during a recitation from the Vagina Monologues.

The story is here.

Now the school is saying that they were suspended for disobeying orders, rather than what was said. The specific order being 'When you do your recitation of the Vagina Monologues, don't say Vagina'. I wonder how the introduction was supposed to go?....

Thing is, I've watched the Vagina Monologues - a performance given by the author I believe - on Channel 4. Now I appreciate I am a man and therefore according to this piece of work basically equivalent to syphilis, but I have to say I didn't think much of it. I just really think that it's one of those things that is successful because of its controversy rather than its artistic merit. Any male equivalent would be immediately crucified. Luckily that would never happen outside the realm of comedy (Talking Cock - Richard Herring - yes I am a child!). I vaguely remember hearing about a play with similar subject matter to the VM but done with far more subtlety and art and thought. I can't comment on it, I haven't seen it and can't even remember the name!

OK so here's the disclaimer - I'm a man. This play isn't aimed at me and I know there is an element of the audience for this thing that loves to feel that us men 'just don't get it' then shuffle off with a self-satisfied air. I'm not interested in you, I am interested in the people with a genuine opinion , as opposed to the ones who think 'this is about me, therefore I must say it is good'. I know I am not meant to get it, I was just offering an opinion and I'd be glad to hear yours.

I am also perfectly aware that as soon as women work out a way of taking the lids off jars, men are effectively obsolete (think I nicked that off someone).

Right, back to the New York thing. Why were these kids banned from using an anatomically correct medical term in a school? I can understand them censoring the witty and incisive part of the play where the woman on stage shouts 'C***!' for about 15 minutes. But the dreaded 'V' word? What happens in biology class in these schools? Do they have a diagram of a Stork?

I'm genuinely fascinated by this, banning the vocalisation of a word that is in the title of what you are presenting. Were the school hoping that their education provision was so appalling that none of the audience was able to read the flyers? Seriously, someone help me out here cos I am struggling!


Julie_Gong said...

I'm not quite sure how you could recite things from the vagina monolgues without saying vagina. I saw it and they say something vagina related about every other second.

Olivia said...

How did they agree to the performance in the first place? It's not like it's not in the title, it couldn't sneak past!

And of course they say vagina in biology class. They also say penis and orgasm, and show students how to put on condoms. Now, if they could do that in Texas 15 years ago, they surely can do it in NYC in 2007!

Olivia said...

interesting how many google searches are going to pull up your blog after this post!

lunaliar said...

The fully strange part is that this is an adult play; it should have never been performed in a high school by high schoolers. Whatever drama nitwit or administrator that authorized these kids to perform this work is a dolt and should be terminated.

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