Thursday, March 01, 2007

Checks and Balances

Since I got back from the US I've rarely seen my flat before 7pm on a week night, due to various things going on at work. This, for once, isn't a complaint it's just a fact. Changes to my team mean I'm either short handed or have relatively new and untrained people (I should point out that the team is only 3 big including me so it's not as grand as it sounds! lol). Add to that that the auditors are in, I've decided to to take on a bunch of other work that's unrelated to my role and that it is the end/beginning of the month and you have a perfect recipe for working late. It's awesome.

On the plus side I know when things quieten down a bit I'll pretty much be able to take a fair chunk of the lost time off in other places. I live a 20 minute walk from the office so it's easy enough as things go. Another downside is that my 1 man mission to increase the profile of the lesser celebrated Patron Saints days is going to take a blow as it's St David's day today and I originally planned to drink like some one was going to take it away whilst singing poorly (if at all) remembered Welsh songs.

I'll have to make up for it later in the year when George and Andrew come around, Paddy doesn't need my help (who according to the Dublin tour bus I was on a few years ago was, in fact, Welsh).

Tomorrow, I will leave a little early because am on a long overdue trip to harass my friend from University Hannah. She is currently up in Leamington Spa which is a location that defies all known rail laws. To get a return ticket to visit my friends in Hull is in the region of 90 quid, to get to Chester on the way home is about 65. To get to Leamington Spa is a bizarrely reasonable 16. This made me happy, though I imagine she will regret it.

Anyway, so I'm going up to drink and be merry and eat pizza. I think we have a Godfather Marathon planned too, which should be fun for me at least. I'm looking forward to it, I haven't seen her since well before Christmas. I'm long overdue a visit to Hull to see Emi, Astrid and some other friends too but right now I can't take any holiday time to make the journey long enough to outstay my welcome. There are plans in motion though.

In a couple weeks one of my old housemates, Laura, is coming down this way to visit her grandparents so we have a weekend planned there too, it'll be awesome to see her again. More drinks and more merriment! I'm hoping to organise a bunch of people into a night in Guildford as there are several people I've not seen around the area for ages, one or two of whom Laura knows too. I'll keep you posted. You're on the edge of your seats I can tell.

Just thought I would have a crack at a 'what I am up to' entry rather than the usual fare. Back to work.


Olivia said...

Oh finally, Firefox will let me comment on Blogger! Grrr.

That work you've taken on that's unrelated to your current job? That sounds interesting. Are you learning something new, and how were they confident enough to let you?

MattJ said...

*cough!* IE7*cough!*

Some of it is stuff I got in opn on ground level a little after I started, to do with some strategy and improvement. I'm now 'facilitating' (whatever the hell that means) the recruitment and induction group. Also I am writing a communications strategy for a development program which quite scary. That was something I got given to me as part of a different thing I am involved with.

it's all quite scary because it ends up at UK board level :s

Meanwhile, my day-job beckons! lol

(It's not nearly as impressive as it sounds!)

Olivia said...

No, my IE7 crashes a lot.

anyway, Firefox is fine for commenting now.

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