Thursday, February 01, 2007

Tesco Lottery

I ordered groceries from Tesco last night, for delivery this evening. I deliberately didn't specify preferred replacements on items because I am interested to see what they give me. Avocados are a good bet as a replacement for any item from Toilet Duck to Stella. I'll let you know the outcome, exciting stuff eh?

Meanwhile, leave your bizarre grocery order stories here. Or not.


Olivia said...

Did you get any avocadoes then?

lunaliar said...

Order from the grocer? You're kidding? What are you, a lump? You can't peruse the grocery store down the street and find what you need, instead you must order it, and do tell they deliver, because if you actually had to go there and pick it up, Good grief, think of the energy wasted.

I actually enjoy walking up and down the aisles of a grocery picking up the things I need, the things I don't need and the things I forgot I needed. No experience like it!

MattJ said...

It's a habit I got into at uni, I'd go to the butchers and grovers for fresh fruit and veg, everything else was from the supermaret. As I dont own a car and the walk back from the bus stop was killer with a dozen full bags of shopping, it worked out cheaper to order online and get it delivered. After moving down here, I have th store next door that isnt too great (but better than some) but having trouble finding a half decent buther and grocer. Also the supermarket is a few miles away and the busses here are more a myth than a fact. As such i do a big monthly delivery from the big supermarket, and the rest i just pick up bits in the week.

I lvoe grocery shopping and if i get a car i will go myself. I do save an awful lot shopping online though, those impulse buys are easier to resist! lol

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