Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Men at Work

I've received complaints that I am complaining about politics too much lately. Oh and I've been absent from posting due to the fact I have been working longer hours down the salt mines lately and actually doing work while I am here. Shocking I know.

Anyway, you'll notice the hair post I put up that was started last week and only got published today. And today I have something else to complain about and that is people who dig holes in roads.

Invariably they choose to do this in the middle of a one way system at rush hour. I don't drive right now but the logic infuriates me. What's brought this on? I don't sleep well, so if I doze off before 1am this is a moral victory. Being woken up at 1:45am because someone is digging a hole in the road with a Pneumatic drill is likely to put me in a bad mood you see. Problem I have is getting to sleep - once I am there it's difficult to wake me up, however once I am woken up the whole sorry cycle starts again.

I'm not sure why they were doing it, I'm sure it was some kind of emergency because men in High Visibility jackets generally don't leap into action at that time in the morning. Actually 'leaping into action' isn't their bag at all, at any time of day. What did confuse me when I emerged from my flat this morning was that there was a huge hole in the road and not a single workman. When the rest of the world was going off to do their jobs, their work here,apparently, was done.

Now I've calmed down I have to say that, thinking back on it, it's quite funny hearing a man knocking holes in a road with a Pneumatic drill whilst trying to be as quiet as possible.


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MattJ said...

they were kind of outside my window, so it wasn't so much just hearing it but feeling it too. As an update, there is still a dirty great hole in the road and not a workman in sight!

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