Thursday, February 01, 2007

The face of the Enemy

A rare picture of the true face of the feline menace:

[Edit] The Evil Ones moved swiftly to remove images of themselves in their true form, the picture has been removed from the server it was stored on. No doubt the brave soul who published the picture has been silenced. I will keep looking for other true imagery, but they are wiley devils.

In the mean time you can catch up on your knowledge by watcing these doucmentaries: Evil Cat - A 400 year old Demon cat holds the world in thrall; Cat's Eye - where the cat orchestrates evil while appearing innocent for much of the time;Pet Cemetary - a tale of how a cat extends control from beyond the grave and instructs it's Zombie Slave to bring it back from the dead in order for it to continue it's reign of terror; Strays - A strong documentary about how feral cats feed upon human flesh; [/Edit]

I will endeavour to find more pictures of the evil ones, until that time watch these instructional tapes and prepare yourselves!

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