Wednesday, February 21, 2007


This kind of article pisses me off. Even though it highlights flaws with Apples, it goes back to how terribly plagued Windows machines are with all manner of evil.

OSX has not spyware or virus problems? Let me explain why. There are only abut 17 people in the world who use Macs, so noboday can be arsed to write viruses to exploit them! Why do you think Intel now provide Mac chips and Windows is available for Macs? Magnanimous Steve Jobs? Or do you think they actually want to sell some computers?

Windows PCs are flawed, often heavily flawed. Everyone admits that and acknowledges it which allows for fixes to come out - The MS attitude to bug fixes and security has changed drastically over the last 5 years. Apple and its users still appear to adopt the classic 'fingers in the ears shouting "lalalalalalallaallaalla! Mine's better than yours and prettier! llalalalalalalallalalalalalalalalal"' approach to objectivity, also you once again when it comes to Apple prioducts have the Apple way of doing things or no way of doing things. They don't appear to believe in allowing users the ability to use the machiens the way they may want ot use them.

There is a proper post in progress, this is just somehting to be going one with to wind any of Jobs's lapdogs that may be reading ;).


Yuting said...

I agree with that Mac is far from perfect. Apple is trying to sell an 'image' and when people make a purchase they buy according to the image they see and not their needs. Having recently bought an iMac I've noticed a lot of inconsistencies in UI design and programs crash just like they do on Windows. Luckily most of the things I do are online nowadays so OS is mostly a lower layer that provides a web browser. ;)

Olivia said...

Haha! Good one!

I'm surprised you managed to keep the annoying ad with the two guys from Peep Show out of it, an ad which only serves to prove your point.

I don't like Mac OS. It is restrictive and I can't get into the system like I can with Windows. In fact, I can never accomplish what I want to on a Mac.

They are indeed overpriced and overrated for people who want to thumb their noses at PC users.

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