Friday, February 09, 2007

Conspicuous Absence

Don't worry, the malignant Feline Hordes haven't nobbled me, I just been working ridiculously hard for a change!

Nick, however, has fallen to the catty menace and has suspiciously switched from buying 1 righteous and goodly puppy, to deciding on 2 furry bundles of malice.

Poor hapless fool!

More at the weekend probably, I doubt I will have anything better to do with my time for the forseeable weeks!


Olivia said...

Good to see you back.

I made various attempts at dog/cat/rabbit humour but could only get halfway. My head hurts, and my word code keeps resetting.

MattJ said...

I finally got all my photos on to my machine at home, so will be uploading this weekend and then posting the promised pics onto the other blog lol!

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