Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Beautiful Band or - Confessions of a Metal-Head

OK so I like quite a lot of heavy metal and rock music. I was a massive Metallica fan right up to Load and they let Lars Ulric believe his opinion matters. I could even forgive them Load and Reload, but basically they've turned into cash whores. yes, I still own everything hey have produced but that's what happens when you find a band you love at 13 and they are still around when you are nearly 30. Pop people - this concept is confusing I know, just move along and look at the pretty colours.

I also like an awful lot of Indy music, I have quite a lot of different styles of music in my collection as it happens. Since about 5 or 6 years ago I have become much less elitist which means that my musical tastes haven't been restricted to the whole Metal thing. The mood doesn't always suit. I've always liked classical, even though I know little about it. Similarly with opera. Point is, I have a range of music in my collection that pretty much covers everything. Even jazz and pop - but they are token gestures.

Point I am trying to get across, is that I am no longer just a metal junky, I like what I like. And anyone who doesn't like at least one song from the Beautiful South is clearly unhinged. They split this week with typical brevity citing 'Musical Similarities' as the reason. I think they should win an award for being everyone's 3rd favourite band that they don't talk about.

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