Thursday, February 15, 2007

Arch-Angel Tony slandered again!

This is just hounding now! Can't you leave our sainted Leader to do his will?! He know better than us what is good and right for our nation!

He told us in 2003 that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction ready to destroy our way of life that could be launcehd within 45 minutes! He told us they were importing Uranium for evil deeds. And what do you do? You bother him with 'facts' and the 'burden of proof'. You people mak me sick!

And now once again, our saviour and his Truthsayer - Archangel Alistair Darling - are attacked for making sure our great nation is ready for the future. We weren't consulted or given options? Other energy sources weren't explored? We were given 3 clearly defined options:

1) Nuclear Power
2) Atomic Energy
3) Fission based energy.

Also, through the use of cartoon science Tony can demonstrate that we will reduce our enrgy consumption by half. How? That healthy nuclear glow we will all be giving off will remove the need for lighting entirely! Oh what? It was good enough for the Readybrek kid but not for you?



Olivia said...

I'm waiting till you aren't on the topic of politics... :)

MJ said...

Stop being lazy and do something!!!!!!
i am bored at work...i need some Matt entretainment!

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