Sunday, January 07, 2007

Tuneful suggestions

I am on a bit of a mad purchasing spree at the moment, downloading tunes from AllofMP3. This is the site that the RIAA and BPI say is illegal but everyone without a vested interest says is fine. You pay for the music, you just pay Russian prices. The ironic thing is that the RIAA and BPI say the artists don't get paid, and this is absolutely true. What they fail to mention is that allofmp3 have a big pile of royalties waiting for the artists to collect, it's just that the RIAA and BPI won't let them collect it. The real argument is that the RIAA and BPI don't get paid.

The RIAA have lodged something like a 1.75 trillion dollar claim against allofmp3, 150K for each track - whether or not that music is for one of the labels they represent. The fact that it was lodged in the US and allofmp3 are in Russia appears lost on them.

Anyway, if you have any music that you think RAAAAAAWWWKS!, or is good in some other way, let me know! The great thing about the allofmp3 is that they let you listen to a sample before purchase, so even if you're wrong it costs me nothing! hehe.

All things are considered, classical to punk, electropop to thrash. Nothing modern claiming to be R&B though, because that shit isn't R&B - there may be rhythm but there certainly ain't no blues in 'I really want to sleep with you' or variations on that theme ' 'I really liked sleeping with you', 'I'd like to sleep with you again', 'I'm rich, you should sleep with me' etc etc.

Answers on a postcard. Or, you know, leave a comment.

[Edit] I don't kow whether Amy Winehouse comes down under Jazz, Soul or R&B. It's probably all 3. Having just heard some of her stuff (I live under a rock), and deemed it good I am willing to listen to other suggestions in these categories I may otherwise (and probably still will) have discarded for being 'modern'. Aren't I magnanimous?[/Edit]

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