Monday, January 08, 2007


That's my new word for Holiday Log. It'll catch on just like the word Blog you wait and see!

Though the word Web hasn't been catered for, perhaps I should reconsider, I don't want to be regarded as a fool after all. WHolog. With a silent W. Or maybe a silent H.

Blhog. Now that's just silly. I mean if we put it in the order of words it would be 'Weblholidayog' and that just looks like it belongs in Jabberwocky.

Well, I'll think on it. Point is that, for reasons best known to myself, I have created another blog for my holiday stuff. The plan is to use it every time I go somewhere interesting on holiday, rather than force it on my regular reader here.

I'll probably lose interest at some point, but you can turn it into a fun game and run a book on 'What day will Matt stop blogging?'

I have it! It's snappy, and will catch on in no time! - 'A diary/photojournal of one's travels in foreign climes - updated as frequently as desire and available time allow - held in an easily accessible web-based online format for all (with internet access) to see'

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MJ said...

By the way....I got an early birthday gift that will come in handy when yu get here!!! I got a digital camera!!!! I had one but it broke so i was camera less for a while!!! It is one of the little ones so it will remain in my purse so we can capture every kodak moment!!!!

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