Sunday, January 07, 2007

Five things - I feel so popular.

I appear to have been tagged, and by none other than one of my old University lecturers Rob Miles. Thats not to say you're old Rob, merely that I knew you 'back in the day' as it were. Anyway, quite what this means, I'm not sure. From what I can tell, I copy what he did then link to 5 other blogs. I don't think I have to send any kind of mail or anything, relying entirely on the presumption that they will read my blog. The problem is I think most of the people I regularly read have far more popular blogsthan me and I have a distinct feeling that they have already done this. Well, tough! So here's five things about me, some of you will know but I am not a very interesting person so you'll have to just live with it!

1) At 17 I started working in a Citroen franchise where I worked for nearly 5 years, when I left to start a new slate I was 'Workshop Controller'. I still have no idea what this entailed.

2) After leaving the garage my education had to go on hold again because I suffered severe migraines and double vision, I went for an MRI with a suspected brain tumor. It wasn't of course, apparently the 5 part time jobs and college course were making me tired and turning my brain to mush. I am now lazy for medical reasons.

3) I own a few cuddly toys, all given me as gifts. My pride and joys are my Penfold beanie and ITV digital Monkeh! The beads are mine, but the T-Short came with him and says GSOH on it, which could mean 'Good Sense of Humour' or 'Gadget Shop Of Hull' who it was made for. I like the first suggestion.

Don't even try and lie, you know you're jealous.

4) When I was 11 I got hit by a car and broke my shin bone - the little one at the back of the leg not the big painful one. 'Got hit' isn't wuite right. 'Ran out in front of' is probably a more accurate description of events. There was an articulated lorry behind the car that hit me, so every cloud.

5) I spent a brief period in the ATC (Air Training Corps) when I was in my early teens, had I stayed in I would have done cool stuff like gone gliding and stuff. Sadly I learned (perhaps inaccurately) that I couldn't become a helicopter pilot because I wear glasses, also my mind was somewhat addled by various substances and so the academic criteria also appeared out of my reach. So I left the itchy, RAF blue uniform after about 2 months. I would still like to fly a helicopter, but not the attack chopper of my teenage dreams. I think I would have far more fun flying low over Kent and reading the next day's Daily Mail to see if I could get more letters of complaint than 'illegal immigrant muslim robot devil worshippers runiing Christmas'.

OK so I now I tag some other people, think I'll go for Dave Morris, Martin, Olivia, Jo and Nick (to get the lazy sack blogging again!).

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Olivia said...

where did everyone go? wil cosnider doing this, shhhhh i just got yelled at for typing at 3.30am...

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