Thursday, January 04, 2007

Fine Dining

I've been told I can't go to Pittsburgh without trying the second most popular thing in the city. It's a culinary masterpiece called a Primanti's sandwich and Julie kindly highlighted it as must to any visitor to the Steel City.

Now I've engaged in some ambitious sandwich projects in my time. Usually when I am thinking 'I'll just have a sandwich to keep me going until dinner', at which point I put the entire contents of the fridge in between 2 slices of bread.


At the top of their sandwich menu are these words:

" All sandwiches are topped with french fries, coleslaw and tomato

Here's a slightly artier National Geogrpahic pic:

So while I am expanding at a slow but inexorable rate at the moment, I have a feeling I am goign to be dieting in February. I had already decided to drink nothing but water all that month but I just know I am going to eat Primati's for every meal while my arterys scream out in protest. It looks like the perfect hangover food to me, they even do chili coleslaw - it would be rude of me not to!

When in the 'Burgh, do as the Yinzers do....*

*The management would like to make several apologies to you, the long suffering reader.

1) We here at RantAMatt would like to apologise for the unwarranted use of dialect and/or slang that the author has no right using. You're not from there, don't use the slang - you just look a dick!

2) The 'banging on about Pittsburgh holiday' issue has been raised at a board level, we are currently trying to contractually oblige the author to a maximum of 1 in 2 posts on the subject in an effort to reign in the relentless barrage

3) Altering a well known phrase or saying in order to appear witty is neither clever nor funny. The Rome reference would have been understood by all. The author will be duly flogged.


David Morris said...

I really hope the number in that second picture isn't the number of calories!

Julie_Gong said...

I'm not so sure about hangover food but it is a great still drunk and starving food. Just be prepared to wait in a very long line if you choose it to be the later.

MattJ said...

I do love it when food becomes a tourist attraction. Maybe I should take a 'Before' photo pre-trip, and a wide-angle 'After' photo when I get back lol!

Maria said...

I have to say I wasn't very impressed with Primanti.... There is a sub place called uncle Sam or something that I think is a lot better...they don't have the coleslaw and the fries but it is still very good..... Talking about drunken food you will be pleased to know that India Garden is half off after 10pm

Olivia said...

Oh, ew! At uni I had a friend from Pittsburgh and he never mentioned those...thankfully...

MattJ said...

Granted it isn't what one could call haute cuisine, but I still think it has a certain 'I'm pissed and will eat anything with a sufficiently unwise levels of grease in it' charm ;)

MattJ said...

Maja! You're back! Well it seems to me we'll hav eto go to both and do a compare and contrast!

Life is such a chore.

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