Monday, January 01, 2007

Basic Technological needs

I rearranged my room the other day, moved the XBox in so that the front room was given back over to TV kinda stuff (before the flatmate lost the will to live).

I looked at the setup afterwards and it occurred to me that I could possibly be accused of going a tad far in the pursuit of stuff.

OK, so maybe there is something wrong with me - ostensibly this is just for my room in the flat. On the other hand, chances are I won't be living here and with the same flatmate indefinitely so it could be argued that I am future proofing myself!

Another bonus is that everything wires through that TV so hopefully pretty soon everything will be hooked up, including the cable TV. I only watch the rugby and comedies really but all the same....

OK, you're right. There's something wrong with me. After teh Zune I am taking a techno-sabbatical before the bank account notices I have used most of my savings!


Olivia said...

I would be a techie, but I restrain myself really well.

that is a nice TV, but why do you have a poster of trailers on your wall?

P.S. Happy New Year

MattJ said...

I did get a good deal on it from my mate Nick, it's a Dell so has connections for everything on the back lol!

The picture is a set of three I got from somewhere, they are beech shacks of some description, I just needed something to take away from teh magnolia! lol

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