Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Zune Launch

Popular Media is annoying sometimes.

"It doesn't have a single standard iPod amenity: no games, alarm clock,
stopwatch, world clock, password-protected volume limiter, equaliser, calendar,
address book or notes module."

You can always spot quotes from iFanBoys, it's kind of like arguing with a religious fanatic. No matter what you throw at them, they will still beleive that Apple are some kind of golden Techno-Hippies who create perfect devices for the free thinking consumer who doesn't kow-tow to evil corporations. Well, you know. Except for teh fact that iBooks casings crack. And MAC OS X was riddled with problems. And the iBook casings discolour. And iTunes broke the only thing it did well - podcasts. And you have to dowload everything from iTunes in Apple's shitty, lossy format. And you have to do everythign Apple's way or not at all because their software won't let you. And you can only use Apple's iTunes and NOTHING else with your iPod, and if you find a piece of software that does recognise it you can guarantee that Apple already have them in court.

Who uses all those features listed above on their iPod? I didn't even know those features existed until he listed them, and I owned one!

Now don't get me wrong, iPods are good they really are but they don't suit everybody. Their slogan should be 'iPod - for people that don't know any better'. It indoctrinates into their way of doing things, which is fine for most people, I know not everyone looks for the same thing as me. If I was given one I would totally use it, the device is good for what it does despite iTunes sucking arse. It's just that whenever a new device comes out it tries to be an iPod in some way and the Zune isn't doing that, which is why I am getting one when I go stateside, all I need to know is if it works with Media Player or not, which hopefully it will!


Paddy said...

I don't think it works with anything other than the Zune software. I read somewhere that it might not be out in the UK till 2008 so I think you're pretty wise in getting one stateside.

I didn't rise to your bait Matt, but that maybe because I don't want to be called an iFanBoy.

Famulus said...

I'll rise! ;-)

I have an iPod Nano; because Marlies won it. I'd never buy such a thing.

Pros: It's a well put together and designed piece of kit. I do use the alarm (every sodding morning), I do keep my contact details on the contact list and I do listen to music on it a lot. The battery lasts several days and it's taken some punishment and still shows no sign of damage.

However, I *never* use iTunes (I use realplayer), I only have mp3 tracks on it, most of which are ripped from my CDs (but not all). If I don't use it for 48 hours it mucks up its playlists, so they are no use. I upgraded the firmware and it became unusable until I had let the battery run empty and then it reset it's self. The controls are fiddly and you can do many things that I'd like to.

All in all, I like using it but I still wouldn't buy one. :-)

MattJ said...

So the choice is iTunes which sucks arse or RealPlayer which sucks arse? Great! lol. When playing .rm files I use Media Player Classic cos it doesn't make my computer crash lol!

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