Thursday, November 09, 2006

Midterm elections that count?!

It's a historic day people, the Midterm Elections in America appear to mean something this year!

Bearing in mind that the incumbency rate in the House of Representatives is in excess of 90%. In fact, in 2004 the House had a 99% incumbency rate and the Senate a 96% incumbency rate.

So you can imagine my surprise when not only did the Democrats take the house, it looks very much like they got the Senate too. Now given the fact that they haven't done very much opposing in the last 6 years, this is a great result for the opposition. I mean, basically it has meant that the current Republican Guard have done such an abysmal job of running the country's affairs that the people of America would rather have complete inactivity than what they have now.

I really hope the democrats take the bull by the horns and use the power to at least do some damage limitation. Now I don't know the intricacies of the Upper and Lower houses, but I'm pretty sure it means the President can be told to fuck off whenever he proposes things like cutting Veteran's widows pensions, constitution defiling Patriot Acts or installing the Grand Dragon of the Ku Klux Klan as head of inner city Urban Development because he was his old college buddy.

Also Rick Santorum. I like Pensylvannia more and more with each passing week. Bless you all for ejecting this bigotted, elitist, fanatical piece of human flotsum from office. I won't ask how he got in in the first place, I will just assume some form of mass insanity swept the state. Basically this man is using up oxygen and resources that could be used on something more worthwhile. You know, like cockroaches or herpes. I am assuming the it's the state that votes for the Senator and they don't just vore for the party of course,.

On the plus side of Rick Santorum, there is a considered effort to make the word Santorum mean somehting very unpleasant, infact i was surprised to discover that it doesn't actually appear in the dictionary as I thought it was a real word. So well done the campaigners on that one! I won't go into it's definition here as you may have just eaten.

So this is a message to the Democrats. Stop letting John Kerry speak - put him in a room somewhere with some playdough or try and get him to join the other side, he'd fit right in because he's an idiot. Next, try doing something. You know, like your jobs, give Americans their freedoms back and try and stop this whole fear-mongering thing, life is pretty good. And for the vast amount of people it isn't good for over there? Make it better, do something about that whole Medicare thing. Take the 'no child left behind' crap that Bush came up with and make it workable. Now I don't know how much of this you can do with what you have but frankly anythign is better than your recent record. I check out C-Span and you people need to start with the opposing already, because it won't happen over here. We have one Right wing party in power that claims to still be left wing and believe in social responsibility while at the same time ensuring the decimation of East Timor, Turkish Kurds and various other minorities, and a Right wing party that is pretending to be left wing while they hide all the Daily Mail readers under the table.

Anyway, I digress. I hope the handful of Americans who read this set me straight on a few points, the more I know the more I can misrepresent that knowledge!

(Apologies for the delay and I promise not to be so serious in the future.....probably)


Arty said...

Were you thinking of Sanitarium, the place people with consumption went to recover or die?

And did you know that Kerry's GPA at Harvard was lower than Bush's?

Also consider that in another few years, the other party may well take the seats again. Tis always the way. Everyone celebrates a change in power, then they complain, then they change again, then they complain again. People.

MattJ said...

Errrrm, no it's definitely Santorum and it's far more disturbing! It's a meaning that people have linked to the word deliberately becasue Santorum is such a dick. It would appear to have originated in the Gay community

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