Friday, November 17, 2006

Geek Chique

Ok my desire to buy a Zune wobbled the other day. Then I realised, all the stuff that the iBoys are whineing about are just software bugs that will be ironed out easily enough. It doesn't play nice with WMP, but the Zune software has all the features from WMP I like so it's still better than iTunes. And iTunes doesn't play nice with anything, not even iPods sometimes and they have been out for 5 years.

The Zune isn't as good as an iPod in that it isn't the finished article yet, the difference is that in order to get the finished article I am not going to have to buy a new Zune, I just download the updates.

Apart from anything else, if I get one a year before they are available in the UK I'll be in an exclusive club. I'll be King Geek! I don't care if it works or not! muahaahahaahhahahaahhahaah! Join the Social my arse! Give me Geek Cred!

My ticket to Geek Points.

Everything else aside, check out the User Interface, like the fact that the previous menu is displayed horizontally so there is no need to go Back then forward again when switching album.

Not sure I like the official commercials, with all the 'Cool kids', surely it's the job of Apple to sell form over function?


Arty said...

but the fact that you are looking for and posting ads means you must really want one.

MattJ said...

Oh it's totally mine, it just doesn't know it yet! All the problems i've seen reported are software ones so I am perfectly happy getting one. It comes in Brown! (thought the black squid ink one does look kinda cool....)

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