Thursday, October 26, 2006

Photo stuff

Here's some photos that I took over the last month or so with the new camera. As you can see I am still getting the hang of things!

Tried to blur out the back ground and just have the flower thingy in focus. My only attempt at video editing, I messed it upa little.

Tried to blur the forground to have the berries in focus.

Wonky rose!

This and the next lot were taken at Painshill Park.

Attempt at an Arty shot hehe!

And another!

OK, that'll do you for now. Now I've worked out how to do this I'll put up the amazing temple of Bacchus another time ;)


verbose verbal said...

Would be good if we could acutally see all the pictures!!!

MattJ said...

oh. piss! maybe there is an upload limit? If you click 'em it takes you through to where they are stored fine. Stoopid blogger!

MattJ said...

That's better :)

Olivia said...

Ooh, I think that sculpture is a bronze copy of the Rape of Proserpine by Bernini, the marble original of which I saw at the Villa Borghese in Rome.

Or at least, that is what it reminds me of. Have to go look again and make sure.

Olivia said...

Nope, I was wrong, but she is in a similar pose of desperation and he is in a similar position of overpowering.

Anything to do with the abduction of Sabine women then?

MattJ said...

I think between the two comments you are right liv! I believe it's called The Rape of the Sabie Woman

Olivia said...

And right now I am watching the Simon Schama programme on Bernini - and yes I have seen the sculpture of my first mention, only it's actually Apollo & Daphne so I got that wrong.

(Back then, rape was abduction.)

This programme is awesome...

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