Thursday, October 05, 2006

Omiscience [Slightly Techy Post - Non-Geeks Look Away]

That's right folks! I have achieved this heady state of being!

Well.....Ok. I have a RSS reader for Outlook now. While IE7 has an RSS feed function on it that is very easy to use and configure, I wanted something to plug into Outlook so it looked like work. And now I have RSS Popper. This means I can keep a better eye on you slacking bloggers out there while at work! mwahahahahahahahah!

Incidentally I ought to say this right now and face the consequences. IE7 is better than Firefox. I'm sorry, I really am! But it is true. I really hope Firefox 2.0 is better again but I don't think it will be - IE7 does everything useful that Firefox does. The only people that need Firefox now are the 1% that use the full extendable stuff, IE7 is just really nice to use. I switched from IE to Firefox for 2 reasons:

1) Firefox has a cooler logo.
2) Internet Explorer was pants.

Now Firefox looks dated and IE no longer sucks arse, so I swithced back. What Firefox need to do now is exactly what Microsoft did - nick good ideas off someone else and make their browser look cooler again.

Anyway - RSS feeds (Really Simple Syndication) for those of you that don't know are really cool things that allow you to check updates on websites without actually having to go to them. Saves checking all your favourite blogs to for updates, instead you can see direct from a list which have new entries etc.

OK, doesn't sound great but when you are a Geek like me and you read a lot of news, technology updates and blogs it is very useful. Engadget for example update regularly throughout the day so it's a good thing there. Right I am off - promise the Gift Shop post and Temple pics later tonight!


Famulus said...

I see no reference to Gift Shop in this post, anywhere... ;-)

Olivia said...

Oh noooooo.
Does IE7 do tabbed browsing too?

MattJ said...

tabbed browsing and loses the whole 'file, tools, options' bar. It's a lot easier to manage feeds and favorites too. The only problem with it si that you can't set the search box to use, you can only get in release candidate 1. I dont see it as a problem but Rob was desperate to justify adding a google search bar to the google search bar that comes with IE7 and that's the best he could come with for ruining the minimalist interface.

Arty said...

Actually, I will stick with Firefox because IE kicks me off, and Firefox opens IE tabs or windows whenever I wish.

Arty said...

Darn, why does Google call me Arty?

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