Monday, October 30, 2006

Marginalisation of America.

Right! I've decided it's not fair that this one way insulting goes on, the common world view being that America isn't really aware that other countries exist, other than as places to put their spare bombs and soldiers..

However, I've discovered something trying to plan this whole trip thing. The rest of the world appears to think that the US consists of a handful of cities and about 3 states. There are any number of books and the like published about New York, Chicago, Florida and Nevada but piss all about Pittsburgh. I figured I would pick up a rough guide or some such, so that Maria wasn't forced to do all the leg work showinig me about, would be good for her to be able to set me free without worrying I'd end up on a one way train to Deliverance. I was mooching on the interweb, and no such guide exisits. I could understand it if there was nothing there but I have been checking out the net and it looks liek there is at least enough to fill a mini-guide of some description. There are a couple of e-guides but nothing that will make me look like the hopeless, lost, easy target for petty theft I will clearly be.

Now the petty thief in New York has an easy time of it, he can probably rate the relative wealth of his mark by the quality and variety of guide book being quizically read by the said victim. What hope for the yinzer felon? With no Rough Guides, or tourist maps are available for the city of Pittsburgh, he will have to rely on observing poor dental hygeine and misplaced air of superiority in order to rob me of the cheap tat that I will no doubt end up buyinjg, that no self respecting yank would be caught dead with.

With all the death, violence and persecution in the world how can I stand by and let Pittsburghg be forced to sit at the bac of the bus? Those Anti-Yinzer separatists at the Rough Guide will not get away with it you hear me?! So I am going to write my own online guide to Pittsburgh after I get back and it will be available for free I tellsya! Granted it will likely only contain a few bars, a Target store and the India Garden, but it's a start right?

OK, yes I am looking forward to my first holiday abroad in years. Yes I am short of material. Yes, perhaps I should eb working instead of looking at things to do on holideay in over two months. I don't care, it's my blog and I can ramble all I like so Nerrrrr! [Stamp foot]

Incidentally, MJ does attend the India Garden so I definitely have somewhere to go if I get homesick for a bit of curry - the bar beneath it apparently has bands too and, looking at the site, they have about 24 World and American beers on sale.

happy days.


Arty said...

You need more than one lifetime to explore America to any notable extent.

If you find Fat Tire beer try that too. It's from a brewery in Colorado, an amber ale. I know nothing about beer, but my dad used to order one at our local steakhouse.


couldn't resist!

Famulus said...

Enjoy. :-)

And then you can really appriciate Wales upon your return. ;-)

lunaliar said...

Fat Tire = awesome! Made with the best barley on the planet! Pittsburgh, home of the Pirates (YARRRGH!) is also host to famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright's Falling Water home, so feel free to visit.

Also, you're about 4 hours by car from Hershey, PA; that's like Chocolateville, USA.

You're also a stonesthrow from Cleaveland, OH, which is right on Lake Erie.

Pittsburgh is a great pub town, though. You shouldn't have any trouble finding trouble, or plenty of night life. I hope you have fun, but it's too bad that you're so far from Texas!

Olivia said...

Oh Cool, Luna knows about Flat Tire.

They serve it at Saltgrass Steakhouse and I know they have those in Dallas.

I forgot about Falling Water, but I was telling some chocolate lover friends about Hershey the other day.

MJ said...

Let's not forget Matt thinks hersheys taste like vomit...=(

Paddy said...

Come on Matt, update soon please. You're worse than me.

Arty said...

I'm not saying Hershey's (the chocolate) is good! Although, for some reason their chocolate chips are better than anything I can find here.

I was just saying that if you want to visit a themed chocolate making town, then Hershey (the town) is the place.


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