Monday, October 16, 2006

Chinese State Circus

Went to see this yesterday which was pretty cool. Astrid was visiting so was glad I was able to entertain her, or at least have her entertained! Also Nick and Kara were present along with the lovely April (I have to say lovely in case she is reading, even though she has some bizarre ideas when it comes to cheesecake).

Anyway, I hope to get some pics up later this evening, until then I have them all on Ringo (anyone know how to link Ringo pics?). I was expecting to love the 'Shaolin Warriors' etc. but they were a little disappointing to be honest as they were clearly not genuine Shaolin or Wu Shu guys. They were pretty cool but not all that. What I was really impressed with was the clown guys and the contortionist. And the lions, they rocked!

Now I have to put a note in here about clowns before Pedr jumps in. Clowns suck, they aren't funny. They've never been funny and they never will be funny, they are rubbish. People who are told by their mothers that they are 'really funny and bubbly' become clowns, even though no one else agrees. I don't like clowns.

These guys were kind of the equivilant - they did some funny running about, tumbling, some rope walking stuff. But they did it incredibly well and with skill, the slapstick wasn't over done and they didn't wear stupid outfits with 'funny' face paint. So they weren't clowns, they were funny acrobats.

More later when I can upload pics ;)


Olivia said...

I got your email, and I think I joined Ringo recently so I just need to get my password from them.

MattJ said...

yeah, apologies to all - I kind of hit send to all by accident so lots of random people now have an invite to Ringo. The worrying thing is that there about a dozen people who accepted where I have no clue who they actually are, just a result of gmail adding everyone you send a mail to to your address list.

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