Thursday, October 26, 2006

Burberry Corporate Strategy

Speaking about the proposed moving of the Burberry Factory at his home in Essex yesterday, Burberry boss Terry 'Mosh' Duncan had this to say:

"We have listened to our customer base, they have spoken! They demand that the clothes they wear reflect the lifestyle that they lead. We have always managed to provide ugly and repulsive clothing with our patented 'Beige Tartan Vomit' Burberry pattern but always at a relatively high cost. By moving the site of production off-shore we can add Cheap to that heady mix!

'Mosh' at his Essex pad yesterday

Customers reactions have generally been very supportive of the proposed move. Father of 42 Mick 'Broken Bottle in the Face' Johnson (14) of Hull had this to say 'Yeah! I fink it's real good! Viss way ah can do out me whole family in burberry at half der price! I mean, I know I nick it all but it's the wotsit - princey-thing of it! An' I 'eard vat dey were gonna do a special line of gear that comes pre-worn so you don't even have to wear it for 3 weeks to get that special stale B.O. mixed with cheap Lager and chips smell!''

Mosh Duncan outside his local off license.

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