Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Modify Our Freedom

I love the kind of words these people use. It's virtually verbatim the line used to sell the Patriot Act in America. A piece of legislation that effectively wiped out about half of the constitution.

'We must temporarily modify our freedom'. Like Gary Kckinnon and the Natwest 3 have had their freedoms modified? To an extent where British subjects are no longer allowed to face trial under British law because of a completely unrestricted extradition treaty with our cousins over the pond?

Just for those that don't know, the new terrorist legislation we have covers a shiny new extradition treaty with America. Traditionally extradition treaties work by the extraditing country apporoaching the country of residence of the accused with a bunch of evidence and reasoning behind the extradition. And if we want someone from the US that's still the process. If they want a British citizen, however, all they have to do is ask. And that's it.

Seriously, they don't need evidence of a crime, a reason for the extradition or anything like that. All they need is a tenuous and laughable link to 'terror' and if it looks like failing they will just whip out the 9/11 card, something the Bush administration does whenever it acts amorally.

OK, that's the serious post over. Keep a watch out for Freedom v1.3 Beta on this page soon!

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Famulus said...

It has been reported on RTL News here in Holland that one third of Americans don't remember in which year 9/11 happened.

I really don't know what to do. I think that I may have to scream now.

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