Friday, August 18, 2006

I Live!

Yes, as cunningly deduced by Olivia, my posting has been usurped by work. It would appear that in addition to my excellent attendance record I am actually required to engage in productive, or at the very least productive looking, activity for elements of the day. All of this at no extra charge!

So that's why it has beena bit sparse of late! I did get half way through a post at the weekend but it's still in draft form and may yet bin it. Anyway, I am away this weekend so any posts will be short as I will have to do them from my phone - Emi still beleives that I am the root cause of all her computing woes based on a vague and physically impossible explanation given by an unqualified man she paid to get her internet working again. As such I am not allowed anywhere near her computer. To be fair, this is probably not a bad thing - it would be terrible for me to be all self righteous about the injustice of it all only to actually break it if she relented!

Incidentally, if you think I have suddenly developed a backbone, you're wrong. Her internet appears to be broken again, so I'm playing the odds that this post vanishes before she comes back here. Also she doesn't read it anymore, as with most things I talk for too long. Anyway, I am off to work for half a day before travelling up to lovely Hull to see the Rah and Emi, first time since about Christmas! Huzzah!


Olivia said...

You must spend a fortune on tickets to Hull. I was supposed to go to York today for tea with some people, and I changed my mind when I found it would cost me 72 quid - and that is nearly double in the morning.

What's that all about???

It costs nearly 20 quid less to go to Belgium.

MattJ said...

I used to have arailcard so was 50 quid a time. This is the first time I have been up since January, so wasn't so bad!

MattJ said...

oh yeah, it costs me about 80 now :(

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