Thursday, August 24, 2006

I did it again

I was going to buy this camera next month, I had a budget and everything! bugger.

Ok so I've ordered a camera - not a compact mind you, I decided to go for what I thought the best one within my budget was. Had some advice from Nick, the photography enthusiast and so have ordered a cool camera at bargain basement price. Well, bargain for what it is! Thing is the cheapest place I found it was Dixons online, I couldn't believe it! 15 quid cheaper than Amazon, 65 quid cheaper than play and about 20 quid cheaper than most other online retailers. More importantly 50 quid less than the Highstreet Dixons prices!

OK, so I bought a Fuji one for many reasons, most of which will bore you to tears. I'll just say that it's the way it deals with shots that have very bright bits and heavy shadows that is very impressive (sound like a pro eh?).

The only issue I have is that they use somehting called an XD card. This is yet another format of Flasj memory I had to buy, slightly miffed but there you go. XD stands from eXtreme Digital by the way. I mean, it's not just a bit digital - it's really, really digital. Those ones and zeros are totally, full on ones and zeros. (this is paraphrasing somehting Nick said which is true and ranty enough to be included here! :P)

So watch this space for Matt's amazong photos. I think I am going to start with a cow.


Olivia said...

And what does your Fuji LOOK LIKE??? This is important to know.

MattJ said...

Lol! It looks like a little SLR camera. When it arrives I will get Nick to take some pics of it to put up here. It's a Fuji Finepix S5600 Zoom. I managed to find it for 150 quid which was bargainous!

Olivia said...

Oh yes, even more so than mine which has a baby SLR-look (Kodak Z740)

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