Thursday, August 31, 2006


Specifically, Error Messages. You can always spot when an engineer has created part of the user interface on something. Microsoft used to be Gods of the Error message.

Some classics of our time (all genuine!) with additional comments hehe:

  • Keyboard error or no keyboard present.
    Press F1 to continue or Del to enter set up
  • Errrrm... I don't have a keyboard.....
  • Uspecified Error
  • . Imagine a mechanic reurngin your car - 'Here you go sir, I'm afraid there's something wrong with it'....'What exactly?'....'Oooh, well, something a bit car-ish I expect sir!'
  • Cannot delete file. File system error [1026 (or any other random number)]
  • "Ah, error 1026, we meet again! once more we dance the dance, who will be the Victor this time? Me, Thee or our mutual foe Ctrl-Alt-Delete?"

Now there are positively hundreds of these pointless, meaningless messages and hope you will help me populate more so we can send a message to software amkers everywhere: STOP LETTING ENGINEERS NEAR USER INTERFACES, THEY'RE NO FUCKING GOOD AT IT!

And what prompted this outburst?:


Olivia said...

Usually, you don't even see the same error message twice.

This evening when I turned on my computer, nothing happened past the HP startup page...
Interesting how many things happen to computers, but the Blue Screen of Death seems to be a thing of the past. Every time I expect it when it would have appeared with Win 3.1 or 98, XP manages to dig itself out or find an alternative scary warning.

Also ironic thing about today's no-go, is that I wandered up Tottenham Court Road looking at laptops I might liketo buy next month.

However, last week when I heard Vista was comng out early next year, I thought i might try to make it until then because a Vista-enabled laptop will have fewer Vista capabilities when upgraded than one that come pre-installed.

Shut it olivia i have used enough technical terms for today.

MattJ said...

It would make more economic sense to buy it pre-installed but the capabilities won't change. Microsoft are bringing out a ludicrous sum of versions but all will have the core capabilities, with all of the extra stuff being primarily for developers. If you like functional form, like I know you do liv, you'll love Flip-3D!

A lot of the stuff that was advertised as in development 2 years ago in Vista (or Longhorn as it's development name was) thast was going to make it cool has sadlt been dropped. This includes two awesome development tools and the new relational filing model.

Ok, even I'm yawning now! I'll be quiet!

PS I guess the latop thing would make a difference if the hardware was specifically designed to work better with Vista or something?

Olivia said...

According to the website, Aero is the feature of Vista that will not be available to upgrade users.

It says:
Windows Aero is an environment with an additional level of visual sophistication, one that is even more responsive and manageable, providing a further level of clarity and confidence to Windows users.

Ah, well, at least some form of Vista will be better than XP, but how much do I want to pay for an upgrade?

I just don't think my laptop will make it to early 2007. "early" could mean anything from January to April, and we all know how good Microsoft is at shifting release dates.

MattJ said...

The Aero thing sounds very much like the Flip 3d thing I've seen. It's very cool, gives you translucent windows and the ability to 'flick' through windows like pages. Difficult to describe.

I quite like XP to be honest, it's certainly more stable than any other version I've used, and Media centre is great. If you're planning on upgrading the lappy anyway, definitely wait til Vista comes out, though be careful you note what version theya re installing, you may find that you are without Aero anyway thanks to some of these suppliers being right charlatans

Olivia said...

Check out the error I got yesterday:

"Error 2147417851 (The server threw an exception.) getting devices."

I bet that number is a Dallas phone number.
And "threw an exception"? Sounds like a form of electronic tantrum.

/* -----------GOOGLE ANALYTICS TRACKING CODE-------------- */ /*------------------END TRACKING CODE-------------------- */