Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Digital Cameras

OK so Emi got a Digicam off her mum for her Birthday and a very swish bit of kit it is too! No this has created problems for me. Aside from the fact a girl has now out-gadgeted me (blasphemy!) it has shattered my carefully constructed illusions about digital cameras.

See I am not very snap happy, but I want to be. A regular camera isn't really an option for me, for a point and shooting type of thing it seems a little archaic. Also, or so I thought, relatively cheap DigiCams are a bit naff and that 'photo quality paper' is a complete farce. The

So Emi's mum produces a bunch of photos she had printed up by Bonusprint from the card on this camera and they were stunning, truly quality pics. Now while this one Emi has is a quality piece of kit that is out of my range, I suspect that the lower end ones have improved somewhat since last I looked. Given that the photos this one produces are excellent, I am hoping that lower end ones would at least good! Obviously I am not talking about professional photography but you can still do things like chage the shutter speed and things of that ilk. So, my problem: I had resisted any urges to buy a new camera based on the fact that anything in my price range would produce crap pictures. I am now proven wrong.

So rather than dash off to the shops and buy the first thing I see, I am going to ask the advice of the 3 people that still read this blog! What's a good camera to buy for around a 100 quid? Answers on a postcard.


Pedr said...

Hope that you weren't including me in one of your '3' so as to give you a happy boost in anticipated viewership figures :o)

As far as good cameras for about £100 go (surely you can stretch to £150 and get one with more buttons / gadgets?), I'm not too sure but a quick search using froogle led me to this page

and a quick google search led me to this review site http://www.cameras.co.uk/html/digital-cameras-world.cfm

Not sure if it's any good but hey, at least I tried!

Of all the digital cameras I've used, I've found that my boss' Nikon Coolpix (not sure of the model sorry) is a really good camera both for quality of shots and easiness of use. And most importantly of course, it has a lens that goes in and out and makes the required 'zoom' sound when doing so.

MJ said...

I am in the same problem right now...well similar, bacause i used to have a digital camera but i dropped it and it kinda broke and i miss it a lot...so i am thinking about buying a new one...
I don't know what to say. I don;t know a lot about digital cameras but the one i used to have was pretty good... i mean, it was like 5.1 mpxls could shoot videos as well, good battery life... and i got it for like 200 dollars...but it was about 2 years ago... it was a sony cybershot dont remember anything else...Another advantage was that it wasnt a huge camera that takes up an entire purse... i used to carry it in my purse, just in case of a kodak moment and it wasnt too bulky...

MattJ said...

"And most importantly of course, it has a lens that goes in and out and makes the required 'zoom' sound when doing so."

I didn't even point that out as a function and yet you knew what impressed me most about Emi's camera. See you at the weekend matey.

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