Monday, April 24, 2006

Give us your money!

Red Leader, RoboMatt, Rob the Pirate and Some bloke Called Simon are all taking part in a Charity Karting race next Sunday (30th) in aid of Cancer Research UK .

As a result of this I have decided to launch a shameless plug to drum up sponsorship on my blog. You can donate here. You'll no doubt notice that I haven't yet donated but this down to the fact that I don't get paid until Friday, so will be doing so at my earliest convenience.

In a recent survey Cancer Research UK was found to be the sexiest charity in Britain. Further findings suggested that by donating to this fantastic cause you become more attractive to your gender of preference, more virile and are more likely to gain pay rises/promotions at work. These effects are directly proportional to the amount of cash is donated at the time.

Seriously, if you fancy donating it's quick and easy to do and it is for the goodest of good causes, the chaps have already paid a significant amount of money to take part int he race and are also donating so would be good if they hit their target or exceeded it.

So, if you want to part with hard earned cash click here.

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