Monday, April 24, 2006

Badger Protection!

Poor little bugger :(

As you know, however, I always look on the bright side and this line in the story brought a big smile to my face

Anyone found guilty of crimes against badgers can face a fine of thousands of pounds and a prison sentence.

I just love the term "Crimes against Badgers". heheh. I have had a brief argument with Red Leader about whether or not such a law would cover the Honey Badger. He contested that as it is not a UK badger, possessing the sole title 'Badger', then it shouldn't be covered by this righteous edict.

Of course it's full title is European Badger so he is wrong there, but instead I chose to expose him for the racist that he is - discriminating against African Badgers in this way shows a lack of tolerance that is unacceptable in the 21st century!

Crimes against badgers. heheh.

[Addendum]For more badger information go here, go on - click it! you know you want to ;) [/Addendum]


Olivia said...

You on about badgers again?

Here are your passions:


(Kufurmif - that's my word verification code. It's so good, we ought to think up a definition for it.)

Olivia said...

or badgets and gadgers...

MattJ said...

hehe. Bizarrely chocolate isn't a passion of mine at all, I like it and all but it's the primicple of the thing! :p

Replace chocolate with curry. Clearly I don't blog enough about the holy food so I will have to post my recipe for spikey lamb curry that is a little hot but soooooo very tastey!

MattJ said...

Kufurmif (pron - 'Kuff-a-miff') -

The act of performing sharp slap across the back of the head of a slightly irrate individual?

Olivia said...

Kuff a miff! Oh good one! As the Americans say, "a slap upside the head".

Go on, stop ranting for a day and post a recipe :P

lower said...

There's a recipe?! I thought you just seasoned some chilli peppers with a bit of lamb and then left it to 'mature' for a few days on the side...

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