Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What the hell time do you call this?!.....

Ok, I've been away a while and I apologise to those of you who actually seem keen on me to update this thing. There are a few reasons for this extended absence but the main one I didn't want to go into too much detail with until it was all over with, or at least to an extent where I could exhale.

So anyway, I've been really busy with work and there were some cool social events over the weekend which I will go into in another post but like I say that wasn't the real problem with the posting.

I'm sure I've mentioned that my dad was going for an operation on his hips, well that was last week. He was going in over his 60th birthday which was Friday, operation being due on the Thursday.

Now I don't really worry about things, mostly I just bumble along through life barely noticing things. For various reasons though I am a little paranoid when it comes to my family. So on Monday I started getting a really bad feeling about this whole operation stuff and didn't really want to blog about it. I didn't really help myself because I didn't talk to anyone about it so you know how these things get.

So everything is peachy anyway, operation was a compelte success and he goes home tomorrow. Apparently he is already mooching about with the aid of a stick so that's all good and no doubt complaining about food of some description.

Now I know some of you think I complain about food. That's only partly true. I complain about the crap some places serve in place of food but luckily I am a huge hypocrite and so do consume it too. I mainly complain about toddlers being fed this rubbish, as adults we have a choice but we could be teaching them to eat properly instead of starting them off spherical. I mean, give them a fighting chance at least?

Anyway, that's my explanation. Will sort the typos out later!


Famulus said...

You see the difference? I go away for a couple of months and get one comment from you, you go for a week and we are all here and suspecting foul play...

Was Oliva on loan then? Do you need her back now? Well, it was nice whilst it lasted. ;-)

Glad your dad is better. Mine was in and out of hospital a lot in 2004 with strokes and a heart op. Dad's seem to do that at that time of life.

MattJ said...

Fell a bit dumb to be honest, it wasnt serious I just got all paranoid lol! Good to have you back. I am sure olivia will be able to cope with both our blogs so i will allow her to read yours too. *waits for the whoosh preceding the slap*

Olivia said...

*heaves in huffing and puffing*
Don't think I can keep up with all these blogs!

Don't worry guys, I can manage :) No slapping ensues.

I am glad to hear, Matt, that your Dad's operation went smoothly!

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