Saturday, February 11, 2006

Visiting Foreign Dignitary

Yesterday saw the arrival of Ambassador Pete 'Pedr' Jones from the important grass and wool producing nation of Wales. In my official capacity as 'Welcome Wagon' I met him in the neutral negotiating venue 'The Penny Black'. After that it all becomes a bit blurry.

He is sitting ehre with me. I can feel him about to correct my spelling.

So we are off to watch the rugby today! Woohoo! None of that Kick 'n' Clap nonsense either! Now Union has it's place, it's OK to watch during the off season. It's kind of like watching a warm up match before the professionals start playing, mildly entertaining for what it is but you want the main event to start.

So it's St. Helens vs the newly named Harlequins Rugby League (previosuly the London Broncos). It should be a cracking match. One we should win too which is good because the last Saints match I went to, we got bent over and used by Hull.

Off to station now, more later!

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