Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hypothetical Dilemma

Following on from my serious political stylings, I have a hypothetical situation to put to you, my reader(s?).

We'll take a hypothetical and completely imaginary character. We'll make him 28, opinionated to the point of stubborness, in need of a haircut, loves curry and beer and a very sociable chap. If often irritating. We'll call him errrmmm..... Dave.

Now Dave may have studied something like, I don't know, Computer Science at University and thus now works in the IT industry. Now Ma......errr...... Dave has quite an active social life, a good circle of friends and enjoys many things. Unsurprisingly, coming from such a techy (and tetchy - see the link I made there? clever eh?) background, it is unsurprising that one of these things is playing some computer games.

So Dave usually played regular games, not really having much of an interest in online gaming. One of Dave's best friends, however, plays a very popular online game and so Dave reasoned that the game looked pretty sweet and the subscription fee was nominal and far less than he would spend in an hour in a pub. The primary reason, initially, for playing is that he doesn't have much contact with this friend because of time and distance (ok physicists we all know they are the same!).

OK, so Dave enjoys the game, keeps him from spending all his time down the pub drinking himself into an early grave in order to relieve the boredom in the evenings during the week. He also gets to chat and have a laugh with his friend. Sweet.

Dave enters a game related competition, the prize being a customised 2Gig iPod Nano. He finds out a few days later that he has won, awesome right?

OK, so here's the dilemma. Does Dave publish his success on his blog, revealing the fact that, not only does he play an online game, but the competition required him to write a sickening game related chat-up line that actually induces a heaving reaction in those that read it?

Now Dave was rightly happy that he won. He didn't expect to win but more importantly had thought the winning entrants line would at the very most be sent in a group email to the other entrants.

Not on the games European website.

So here's the pro's and cons:

If Dave tells the world of his success he also reveals the true depths of his inner geek.

Also Dairylea Cheese Slices may ask him to become their poster boy.

On the plus side, as is rightly pointed out by another close friend. 'Technically you are now an award winning writer'.

He also gets to gloat about the Nano (which he had previously slated but now doesn't like to talk about that).


If he doesn't tell the world, he saves himself a great deal of embarrassment but doesn't get to tell of the only non-academic competition he has ever won.

Also he deprives some very deserving people of the opportunity to take the piss out of him relentlessly for the forseeable future.


I think Dave will publish his success but use a thinly veiled pseudonym but not actually provide the name of the site involved. At least then people have to google for it, hoping people don't post the link so at least there is some effort involved!

OK. Open Fire!


KLM said...

I would tell Dave that silence is Golden, but Dave's friend Matt just exposed him so terribly - it'd be a watse.

Olivia said...

As the world already knows what Dave has done, it's all systems go, no shame there.

MJ said...

Well.... most of your friends have seen you drunk, i there is not much dignity left to lose.... might as well enjoy the nano!
don't you think?

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